About We Are Sand Springs

Sand Springs’ locals, the Myers family, first began We Are Sand Springs with an eight-page circular¬†in the Winter of 2011. The circular was mailed to 21,000 homes in Sand Springs, Oklahoma | Berryhill, Oklahoma | Pretty Water, Oklahoma | Mannford, Oklahoma | Tulsa, Oklahoma and Cleveland, Oklahoma. We Are Sand Springs at that time was simply an idea that the community of Sand Springs, Oklahoma would find use in a magazine that would highlight the town and everything the founder Charles Page represented.
1662709_693661600709862_481343884_nSince the start up of the once small Sand Springs circular We Are Sand Springs has grown to a thirty- two page magazine. Still mailing We Are Sand Springs to 21,000 homes the company now also distributes an additional 4,000 to the Sand Springs area every issue. The We Are Sand Springs magazine is full of articles and important information Sandites need to know like calendar of events for the city, chambers, students, sports, clubs, and local businesses. This information is located in each and every magazine edition throughout every season of each year. Additionally, the magazine includes recipes, household tips, local bond/election coverages, sport highlights, vehicle maintenance guidelines, a city directory, and much more. You can find the digital magazine here or pick a copy up at many local businesses in Sand Springs.
Residents can expect more than a beautiful magazine from We Are Sand Springs. As of 2014 the We Are Sand Springs Calendar mails and is distributed to the community of Sand Springs to the same homes as the magazines. The calendar provided by We Are Sand Springs is unique in that it offers coupons along the bottom of each month. But, the true value in this calendar is that the major events going on throughout the year in Sand Springs are printed right there on the calendar! A Sand Springs city office directory is included with the calendar along with Sand Springs sports and Case Community Center events. Pick up a We Are Sand Springs Calendar at most businesses in Sand Springs. You can also find these events online here.
As mentioned above We Are Sand Springs is a locally owned company whose focus is the promotion of Sand Springs businesses and community solidarity. This family owned business strives to give residents multiple ways of giving, sharing, and celebrating in this great town.
Sand Springs, Oklahoma is a growing and hearty community that has some of the most dedicated professionals leading it. We Are Sand Springs gets down to the heart of the matter by giving this community new opportunities to contribute while enjoying Sand Springs. The people in Sand Springs is what makes Sand Springs so enjoyable.
Knowing your neighbor and welcoming new residents is a staple in any great Midwest town. Whether We Are Sand Springs is providing great local deals, exciting giveaways, or new insight into your local businesses, the company is dedicated to helping orchestrate a new vision of hospitality for our city.
Social Media has become the new standard of communication in almost every household. We Are Sand Springs would like to invite you to stay in touch online. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, or Yelp We Are Sand Springs is Sand Springs all the time.
This tool is for you! Residents of Sand Springs share your ideas, thoughts, and stories! Do not hesitate to send an email, letter, or just call.
We Are Sand Springs
118 N Main Street
Sand Springs, OK 74063
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