Taylor Spencer

If Taylor Spencer, the senior class president at Charles Page High School, could give underclassmen one piece of advice, she’d say, “Never take anything for granted, and never wish away high school because it will be over before you know it.” Taylor, who is also a varsity cheerleader, member of the Student Council, and National Honor Society officer, says her teachers and peers challenged her to be the best person she can be. Taylor says her senior year was memorable, including the last opportunity to dance with her teammates at the National Cheerleading Association nationals. Post-graduation, Taylor plans to major in elementary education and become a 4th grade teacher.

Jerret Haley

Jerret Haley, a Charles Page High School football player and member of the fishing league, says what he will miss most once he graduates this spring seeing his friends regularly. On the football team, Jerret earned the defensive MVP award. After graduation, he plans to attend Tulsa Tech to learn how to become a machine operator. His advice to underclassmen is simple and his loved ones can vouch he follows it to a tee: “Dedicate yourself to everything you do.”

Quinton Firey

The one word Quinton Firey would use to describe his senior year at Charles Page High School is wacky. Involved with Future Farmers of America and the National Honor Society, and a concurrent student at Tulsa Tech, Quinton says his favorite part of his senior year was hanging out with his friends and making signs and banners for the school using skills he learned at Tulsa Tech. If Quinton could give one piece of advice to underclassmen at Charles Page High School, he would say: “Just be yourself. Don’t try to fit in with certain people to hold a certain ‘status.’ Do whatever makes you happy and fulfills your interests.” After graduation, Quinton plans to attend College of the Ozarks to study Business Administration and Marketing.

Morgan Poletek

A member of the National Honor Society and a soccer player for the Lady Sandites soccer team, Morgan Poletek says her favorite memory of senior year was singing the National Anthem with her teammates before taking the field. She says she’ll miss game days the most, but she’s looking forward to her post-graduation plans. Morgan will attend Rose State College and plans to major in Dental Hygiene. If given the opportunity to pass along some advice to the underclassmen at Charles Page High School, Morgan says she would tell them: “Be kind to everyone, and be involved in the present. Don’t worry too much about the future, because it can change in an instant.”

Emily Newman

Throughout her junior and senior years at Charles Page High School, which she describes as unforgettable, Emily Newman loved attending the football games and pep assemblies. When she graduates, Emily says she’ll miss the liveliness and camaraderie in the hallways the most. If she could give advice to the underclassmen, she would tell them: “Don’t feel like you have to do every single thing. It’s not the end of the world if you miss an event. And live life to the fullest!” While attending Charles Page High School, Emily also attended Tulsa Tech, where she became a licensed nail technician. Post-graduation, Emily will work in a nail salon and attend Oklahoma State University to study business.

Jordan Moore

Jordan Moore says of all the things she’ll miss at Charles Page High School, she’ll especially miss the teachers and the love they have for each of their students. From her sophomore year to her senior year, Jordan served as the wrestling manager; a lot of her favorite memories from the 2019-2020 school year revolve around wrestling, including being nominated as one of the queens for the wrestling homecoming. Once Jordan graduates, she plans to attend Tulsa Community College to become a registered nurse. If Jordan could give the underclassmen some advice, she’d tell them: “Take it all in. Join as many things as you can and make as memories as you can, because it could get ruined at any moment.”

Jaxon Skaggs

Jaxon Skaggs is a baseball player, yearbook staff, and member of the National Honor Society at Charles Page High School. He says if he could tell the underclassmen one thing, it would be: “Take the harder courses so you’re prepared later.” Jaxon says one of his top memories from his senior year was the first win of the season because it was Coach Brown’s first win. In the fall, Jaxon will attend Missouri Baptist University, where he will play baseball and major in Business. He says one of the things he’ll miss the most at Charles Page High School is the jokes Mrs. Toppins tells.

Hannah Coe

In a word, Hannah Coe describes her senior year as “interesting.” She participated in choir and was featured in 9 to 5: The Musical. A few words of advice from Hannah for the Charles Page High School underclassmen: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself; popularity means nothing in the real world.” After graduation, Hannah plans to attend Tulsa Community College, take a CNA course, and hopes to eventually earn a nursing degree from Northeastern State University.

Hunter Carlisle

Since 9th grade, Hunter Carlisle has participated in a variety of activities, including 9th grade basketball, sophomore and junior year golf, and Student Council his senior year. Additionally, he was a member of the National Honors Society all four years of high school. Hunter says his favorite memory from senior year is attending the football games and pep rallies with his friends, and that he will miss seeing his friends everyday once he graduates. Hunter will graduate with honors and plans to expand the business he started at age 16 and pursue new ventures and investments upon graduation.